Build instructions on Linux Ubuntu 9.04/10.04

Executable for GNU/Linux Ubuntu 9.04

The server to be used with the SDRMAX3 GUI is the (see below in Autoconf packages).

Old files for Linux

Building instructions

Use instead the Autoconf packages.

Building instructions for 2.2.x on Linux

Building instructions for ICE 2.3.x

For OS X system, because I don't have a true MAC, I am not able to support and debug further developments. It is better to follow the instructions found here.

Please read carefully the Installation guide.

Building instructions for on OSX

Packages list:
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Experimental Python GUI

Please note that the GUI is experimental and not intended for day by day use.
Moreover, it needs the Ice enabled QS1RServer (

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Windows with gcc (MinGW)

Executable for Windows XP (to be started from release directory):

Build instructions:

  1. Install MinGW: to get the things done easier, use the following file
    This distribution already contains the boost library.
    unzip it in c:\ , the MinGW directory is already into the file.
    change the PATH environment variable, adding c:\MinGW\bin path to compiler.
  2. Extract the source code from SVN repository using the following URL:
  3. copy into QS1RServer the following makefile:
    renaming it to Makefile.
  4. apply the patches
  5. build all with make
  6. if it is all OK, copy the executable file QS1RServer_mingw.exe into Release directory.

Run QS1RServer_mingw.exe as service

  1. Make sure that the QS1R is powered on and linked to the USB port (indeed the program doesn't loop on QS1R initialization yet.
  2. Copy DLLs contained in Release directory in a location listed in PATH environment variable
  3. Build the service with
    make -f Makefile.mingw service
    If the programs builds OK, the makefile will copy it in %SystemRoot%\system\QS1RServer_mingw_service.exe
    running, after user confirm, registration and service. Do not change the executable names because the program checks this name to decide if go or not in background.
  4. To verify, open the SCM via Control Panel/Administration/Services and check for QS1RServer running.
  5. You can find the program standard output in c:\WINDOWS\TEMP\qs1rserver.log. Note: the log file is overwritten at each run.
  6. The makefile configure the service as manually started one. If you want start it automatically at boot change tgis configuration via SCM.

    I have not checked yet this startup mode.

Andrea Montefusco IW0HDV